Photo made at Winwood Walls, Miami. Street art by David Choe.

Susan Pedigo

Born in Alabama in 1958


University of Colorado, BoulderBA1982Chemisty
University of Minnesota, Mpls Molecular BiologyMS1987Analytical Chemistry
University of Iowa, Iowa CityPhD1995Biochemistry
Vanderbilt University, NashvillePostdoc.1998Molecular Biology


University of Iowa Research Assistant1987-1990
Drury CollegeAssistant Professor1998-2000
University of MississippiAssistant Professor2000-2006
University of MississippiAssociate Professor2006-2013
University of MississippiProfessor2013-present

Other Employment

Anorgan. Chemi. Institut, Munster, BRDResearch Assistant1984
3M, St. Paul, MNAnalytical Chemist1986
University of MississippiAssociate Professor2006-2013

Training of Students

Undergraduate Students

A total of 115 undergraduate students hosted in research projects in the lab since 2001.

Graduate Students

StudentGraduationDegreeDissertation Title
Kenosha F. HobsonFall 2003Ph.D.Ligand-linked stability of Calmodulin
Alka PrasadFall 2005Ph.D.Stability studies of Domains 1 and 2 of E-Cadherin
Huaying ZhaoSpring 2006Ph.D.Calcium Binding to ECAD12
Nagamani VunnamSpring 2010Ph.D.Sequential Calcium Binding Leads to Dimerization in Neural Cadherin
Xiaoyun HowardFall 2013M.S.Determination of Monomer –Dimer Equilibrium in Cadherins by Using Förster Resonance Energy Transfer
Jared JunglesSu 2014M.S.pH-dependent adhesion by Neural Cadherin
Matthew DukesSu 2017M.S.Nickel Reduces Calcium Dependent Dimerization in Neural Cadherin
Jennie FanFall 2016M.S.Investigation of N-and E-Cadherin Monomer Properties Using a Molecular Dynamics Approach
Samantha DavilaSpring 2018Ph.D.Biophysical Studies of Calcium-Independent Dimerization in N-Cadherin
Christopher FoxSu 2020Ph.D.Development and Characterization of Calmodulin-Based Copolymeric Hydrogels

Funded Proposals

Research, individualNoneSept 2002 to Aug 2005$367,540NSF
Research, trainingNoneJuly 2004 to July 2005$9,900NSF
InstrumentationCoPIJan 2004 to Jan 2005$179,989NSF
Research, trainingNoneJuly 2003 to July 2004$9,900NSF
Research, trainingNoneNov 2002 to Nov 2003$31,956NSF
Research, trainingNoneJune 2002 to May 2003$10,130MFGN
Research, trainingHammerJuly 2010to June 2013$560,832NSF
Research, trainingHammerJuly 2011to June 2012$5,950NSF
TrainingHollisJan 2012to May 2017$535,000Dept. of Ed.
InstrumentationSmith, PIMay 2016to April 2019$110,000NSF
TrainingContributorMay 2021 to May 2022$30,000HHMI IE3
TrainingNoneJan 2021 to May 2021$6,000NASA


AEΔ Outstanding Teacher of the Year 2007
College of Liberal Arts Teacher of the Year 2012
Last Lecturer in May 2016